Internet of Things Showcase: Tomorrow is Here Today


Parliament & Internet Conference – Thursday 31 October 2013

14.20-15.45: Portcullis House, Meeting Room R

Examples of "Internet of Things" Applications
The Digital Policy Alliance shows how the Internet of Things is multi-disciplinary, extending beyond mobile phone applications to Internet-connected everyday objects.  Our showcase illustrates how IoT interconnectivity heralds new business models, consumer empowerment, enhanced GDP growth and new jobs.


Good Night Lamp
Example of caring for our elderly communities remotely with non-intrusive communication.
Konstantinos Chalaris, supernovastudio,

RepRap Self-Replicating 3D Printer
Demonstration of a RepRap 3D printer that prints out 60% of its own parts – the ultimate in recycling, and an enabler for flexible and rural manufacturing initiatives. Expiry of patent and clever British “open hardware” technology has slashed the entry price for this technology from £15,000 to £500 in two years.  Natasha Carolan, makielab,

MakieLab Dolls
Example of the quality of toy dolls that can be made on demand with 3D printing.
Natasha Carolan, makielab,

An intelligent fire helmet that lets firemen know when conditions become too dangerous and that it's time they should head back to safety. Femi Banjo, knry,

Multichromic Fabric
A new class of fabric for clothing that interacts with the environment – for example, for use as baby wear which changes colour according to the degree of pollution encountered.
Lauren Bowker, TheUnseen,

Air Quality Egg
Cheap devices for citizens to monitor their local environment. Monitoring programmes in Amsterdam, New York and elsewhere. The results are batched up to produce meaningful real time comparisons.

The Digital Policy Alliance is grateful for considerable help in setting up this display to Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, CEO of Designswarm. Alex is also Founder and Convenor of the London Tech City Internet of Things Meet-ups which typically attract 90 attendees with a waiting list of 150