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Joining the Digital Policy Alliance

The benefits of membership depend on the time and resources that members commit to Working Groups and other DPA activities. Some members wish merely to keep in touch with what is happening and receive notification of policy initiatives and consultations. Others achieve results by working in collaboration with other members to engage more closely in forums and contribute towards emerging policy agendas.

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Benefits of membership

Members benefit from the Digital Policy Alliance in a number of ways including:

  • Opportunities to make views known before legislation/regulation is agreed/implemented

The DPA's ongoing dialogue with politicians and officials enables members to communicate business and consumer perspectives to decision makers at the start of the legislative process, before commitments are made and the policy choices formalised for consultation.

  • Opportunities to stimulate and shape policy debate

The DPA brings together working groups from the ICT industry (suppliers, users, trade associations and professional bodies) to work with officials to analyse issues not well addressed by others, identify possible ways forward, test these for consensus (professional, industrial and political) and help achieve realistic outcomes during the legislative process.

  • Opportunities to work with the DPA's partner organisations on joint events and initiatives

The DPA works with and through partners, including other membership organisations, government departments and related organisations, wherever possible to demonstrate the collective views of industry and consumers on the need for change - or to persuade politicians to allow markets to evolve without government intervention because of the risk that intervention would not achieve its objectives and might even be counter-productive.

  • Opportunities to keep abreast of developments that will change the way members do business

Where no one else is doing so, the DPA will organise round tables with those running consultations to help ensure balanced responses - and collective responses on points where there is agreement.

  • Opportunities to gain business benefit by understanding what is likely to happen

DPA meetings can give participants insight into future developments, over what time-scale, as opposed to the claims of the supporters or opponents of an initiative or the public statements of ministers or suppliers.

  • Opportunity to participate in Working Groups

Our Working Groups aggregate input and expertise from a cross section of commercial players in each sector - which lends the subsequent outputs a high degree of legitimacy and value which is recognised by UK and EU parliamentarians and officials.

  • Our knowledge

Our knowledge in showing how the different policy bodies are interconnected and the extensive cross relationships we have between them.