Smart Society Group Meeting

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Date(s) - 01/12/2016
09:00 - 10:30




Thursday 1 December 2016

09.00-10.30 ~ Westminster

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UK customers can now order household goods at the push of a button [].

But if a smart device places an irregular order or is used as part of a botnet [], who is liable for what in a potential dispute?

And how can confidence be established in the security of devices?

The Digital Economy Bill currently going through Parliament aims to make the UK a place where technology transforms the economy, society and government. Its progress through the House of Commons will resume shortly after publication of the Autumn Statement, which will most likely reveal more of the Government’s plans.

Satisfactory technical, legal, regulatory, and commercial frameworks for answering these questions, could ensure security challenges are addressed, and help make the UK a world leader in digital technology.

In the retail sector, confidence in Digital Identity, authentication and payment systems to support secure transactions could allow financial support for investigation of opportunities to reduce the time and waste costs of shopping and distribution, including in business-to-business use, with great economic impact.

In other sectors such as transport, infrastructure, energy, and health, confidence in the secure use of smart devices could lead to improvements in service and reductions in cost of provision.

The objective of this meeting is to explore uncertainties hindering confidence in the secure adoption of Internet of Things technologies.

The DPA’s Smart Society Working Group aims to look at the issues arising from the huge increases in scale, ubiquity, processing capability and interconnectivity forecast for smart devices and the “Internet of Things” (including machine-to-machine interfacing).

This meeting is for DPA members and registered observers. If you are interested in becoming a member we would welcome your attendance as a taster, but before any further participation, you would then need to join us.  More details are available at: