21st Century Skills Group Meeting: Cybersecurity Skills Partnership

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Date(s) - 28/11/2016
14:00 - 16:00




Monday 28 November 2016

14.00 – 16.00


The National Cybersecurity Strategy announcement this week outlines (section 7.1.9) the strategy for delivering the skills that will be needed. But there are already ten vacancies for every well-qualified applicant as organisations compete for skilled and experienced staff who do not exist.  And the shortages are global.  The gaps are therefore being filled, around the world, by those who learn on the job and/or lie on their CV.  But there is no shortage of talent, only of employers who retrain their existing staff or work to attract and recruit suitable trainees (of all ages and backgrounds).  Moreover most of the technical skills needed can be given to existing staff with the necessary aptitudes faster than the average for filling vacancies with outsiders of uncertain provenance. But those with the skills to organise the necessary blended learning programmes are in even shorter supply.

The objective of the meeting is therefore to bring security employers alongside those with experience of running successful training programmes (from short courses to graduate and post-graduate apprenticeships and modular degrees) and recruitment and employment specialists to work together to meet their needs and those of their customers and suppliers within months not years.  

For further details and an invitation please e-mail dpa@dpalliance.org.uk with a note of what you expect to bring to the table, either your own needs and budgets as an employer, your content as a provider of security training or your skills in the delivery of blended learning programmes.

The participants will be expected to move rapidly towards discussing of practical action plans which can be delivered to mutual benefit using the resources of those round the table.