DPA Briefing Response to Strategy Proposal for the Digital Single Market

The DPA has produced a Policy Briefing, with recommendations, compiled by members of the DPA's Digital Single Market (DSM) Group in response to the new strategy proposal for the Digital Single Market, launched in May by Commissioner Andrus Ansip.  There is also an accompanying Skills Resource.

Major aims formally adopted by the European Commission include:

  • ensuring that people can access and use online services and digital goods across borders,
  • setting the right rules and conditions, and
  • tackling issues of data, skills and common standard for European industry and citizens to make the most of the digital economy.

Many of the key issues remain unresolved and open to comment, and this has given the DPA the opportunity to submit specific policy recommendations to MEPs and commissioners.  This Briefing focuses on key topics needed to achieve a Digital Single Market that improves the social and economic position of the EU.

More detailed submissions will be made as key implementing provisions are developed.  The DPA's DSM Group expects to serve as a high level strategic forum supervising the work of 3 new specific working groups (subject to appropriate support and engagement from the DPA membership) which will focus on:

  1. Skills to support the Digital Single Market and international competitiveness.
  2. Data protection, data location and the free flow of data.
  3. Platforms, consumer issues and competitiveness.

Please email dpa@dpalliance.org.uk if you wish to be involved.