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To examine new impacts on upcoming policy which may arise from the huge increases in scale, ubiquity, processing capability and interconnectivity forecast for smart devices and the "Internet of Things" (including machine-to-machine interfacing).

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Parliamentary Chair: Daniel Zeichner MP      Industry Chair: Nick Penston (Cisco)
Rapporteur: Arthur Virgo

Work Programme

Building upon an extensive programme of stakeholder consultation and scoping activity supported by our programme of working group meetings chaired by Julian Huppert MP and Dan Byles MP during 2014, the DPA prepared a specific menu of key actions which were presented to the IoT working group meeting on 23rd April 2015, hosted at the House of Commons by Dan Byles MP.

Following the 23rd April 2015 working group meeting it was agreed that the DPA would undertake the following key actions:

  • The working group finalised and submitted an open letter to incoming government Ministers (Cabinet Office, BIS, DCMS) highlighting the importance of IPV6 adoption in order to ensure that the UK maintains leadership and competitiveness in emerging areas of IoT activity, business models and services.
  • The working group completed a quick mapping exercise to link the key UK tech clusters with Parliamentary constituencies to identify a short list of 30-40 MPs for priority engagement.
  • The Group convened a joint Cyber Security/Internet of Things working group meeting on Security by Design, chaired at the House of Commons by the Rt Hon. Baroness Neville-Jones (former Home Office Minister) on 27th June 2016.  It was a joint meeting with the Cyber Security Working Group and focused on the challenges and opportunities with regards to Security by Design.  The working group concluded that Government-approved standards were not the best way forward to improving security and in a forthcoming meeting (20th October) will consider the best method of spreading best practice and in what further role the DPA can add value to the policy environment.

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