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The DPA’s Competition Policy Working Group (formerly the Global Digital Market Group) aims to examine the new forms of competition in the digital economy, and to make recommendations on changes that may be needed to policy, legislation and enforcement.

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Parliamentary Chair: Lord Clement-Jones CBE     Industry Chair: Tim Cowen (Preiskel & Co)
Rapporteur: Dave Wright

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Background, Objectives and Progress

The Global Digital Market Group has now been renamed the Competition Policy Group, and will be chaired by Tim Cowen, an equity partner at Preiskel & Co who leads its competition law team.

Although no physical meeting of the CPG has as yet been convened, the Group has submitted a response to the one-day conference to be hosted by Margrethe Vestager, Commissioner for Competition, entitled ‘Shaping competition policy in the era of digitisation’ in January 2019. The conference will include 3 panel discussions on the implications of and is designed to provide input to the Commission's ongoing considerations on how competition policy can best serve European consumers in a fast-changing world, as markets go through rapid changes.

The objective of the conference is to identify key upcoming digital challenges and their implications for competition policy. The Group’s contribution was made to the Panel 2 discussion topic ‘DIGITAL PLATFORMS MARKET POWER’, which recognises that the interests of platforms are not always aligned with the interests of their users. As a result of their market power, particular concerns arise, including platforms’ leveraging their positions from one market to another, lock-in of users (making it difficult for them to migrate to other platforms), and the potential for platforms to ‘exploit’ their user bases. The Group’s contribution offers remedies as to how competition policy can address these concerns.

It is of note that Lord Clement Jones CBE, Co-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence, and also Chair of the Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence, accepted an invitation to be our guest speaker at the DPA’s Summer Reception on 16th July. The event proved to be a great success, and subsequently, Lord Clement Jones kindly agreed to co-chair the CPG. A round table event has been planned entitled ‘How is Artificial Intelligence affecting Competition and Markets?’, and will take place on Monday 3rd December. The round table is intended to herald the official launch of the CPG.

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