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To create, identify and support key partnerships to cut online crime and nuisance, reduce risk, increase awareness and confidence in online safety/security and establish UK leadership in Internet policing and governance. This activity has implications for both consumer and business confidence in the online world, as well as delivering a secure consumer/commercial environment which underpins UK competitiveness.

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Parliamentary Chair: Rt Hon Baroness Neville-Jones DCMG
Industry Chair:
Jean-Jacques Sahel (ICANN)
Rapporteur: Will Archdeacon

Work Programme

Cyber Security Mapping Initiative – the group has produced a comprehensive map of government, commercial and law enforcement led initiatives which has been posted on the DPA website (to attract further input/comment) and then circulated to key stakeholders in Government.

SME signposting document of cyber security resources - the group also produced a DPA signposting document offering a targeted list of online cyber security resources for SMEs, drawing upon existing materials produced by BIS, FSB, BCS, IAAC, CPNI and others. The document segments the available resources into different categories to provide access to a range of different sources of information which are helpful to SME audiences with varying levels of existing knowledge and expertise. The draft version has been published on the DPA website for further input/comment and circulated among key Government Stakeholders (BIS / Cabinet Office).

The last working group meeting Chaired by Stephen Mosley MP on 17th March 2015 at the House of Commons focused on the business challenges facing SMEs around Bring Your Own Device and the use of social media, supported by a presentation by a speaker from the Federation of Small Businesses.

Cyber Security Skills – see 21st Century Skills.

Awareness and coordination of existing initiatives – the group is working to support coordination and exchange of practice between a range of Government/Industry awareness initiatives including the Home Office’s Cyber Street Programme, Get Safe Online and the Nominet Cyber Assist Pilot which is focused on UK SMEs.

Security Procurement – there are serious issues particularly with regard to the public sector guidance. Some (e.g. vetting processes for SMEs) have already been addressed. Others, such as security processes for PSN are being subjected to further review in the light of recent audits. The DPA role will depend on the response of the reviewers to the draft guidance being produced by the Trusted Computing Group which has been circulated for peer review.

Next steps for 2015 programme:

  • Dan Mount has approached Baroness Neville-Jones (former Home Office Minister for Security) who has agreed to Chair the Cyber Security and E-Crime Working Group.
  • Will Archdeacon, Dan Mount and John Palfreyman (Industry Lead) held a planning meeting at IBM Southbank on 30th September to agree a draft working group agenda focusing primarily on Security by Design (including issues such as supply chain security, proliferation of app development, rapid software development cycles and Bring Your Own Device).
  • Will Archdeacon and John Palfreyman will hold a review session with Baroness Neville-Jones at the House of Lords on 14th October to agree the working group's agenda and priority deliverables with a view to confirming the date of the next working group meeting which will be held in November/December.
  • The group will also investigate options for convening a Security by Design event in Parliament later this year in order to:
    • Re-launch a revised version of the DPA’s well-received Security by Design paper.
    • Promote the Trusted Computing Working Group’s recent papers on mobile security.
    • Engage high level government/industry speakers to highlight the key challenges and opportunities around future measures to design-in security in relation to unfolding areas including big data analytics and the Internet of Things.

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