Index of Publications

November 2014
Trusted Computing Group publishes draft guidance material on Mobile Security

November 2014
What is Big Data?

June 2014
Consultation Response to the Ministry of Justice’s Call for Evidence on Information Rights under its Balance of Competences Review

January 2014
Recent Developments in Child Internet Safety – Chaired by Diana Johnson MP, 22 January 2014
Full Transcriptpdf ~  Summary Reportpdf

November 2013
Broadband For All: How Do We Get 100% Coverage? – 25 November 2013
Summary Reportpdf

October 2013
Tomorrow is here Today: Internet of Things Showcase – Parliament and Internet Conference, 30 October 2013
Internet of Things Fact Sheetpdf ~  Examples of “Internet of Things” Applicationspdf

5 April 2013
Press Release: A massive European “own goal”!

March 2013
Position Paper on the Proposed General Regulation on Data Protection

March 2013
Position Paper on the “Proposal for a Regulation on Electronic Identification and Trust Services for Electronic Transactions in the Internal Market”

January 2013
Position Paper on the Proposed Review of the Payment Services Directive (PSD)

January 2013
Telehealth/Telecare Report: Living Independently: Shouldering the Burden of Chronic Disease

November 2012
Security by Design: Trusted Computing



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