Forthcoming Briefings

We are currently working on a number of policy briefings for Parliamentarians which we expect to publish in the comings months. They include:

  • 1-page briefing on mobile security and hardware security standards, which has recently been sent for peer review.
  • 5-page briefing with mobile security case studies (plus appendices with links to additional mobile security resources and list of devices and standards), again which has recently been sent for peer review.
  • A DPA signposting document of cyber security resources aimed at informing small firms.
  • A map of key cyber security initiatives across government, law enforcement and private sector (including cross sector partnerships).
  • A 1-page briefing on categories and definitions of Big Data.
  • A 4-page briefing identifying the benefits and challenges of using Big Data to drive service improvements in health and social care.
  • 1-page and 4-page briefings listing new proposals for a realistic and workable data protection regime which can be presented to the EU Council and new European Commission after the May elections.
  • A DPA response to the current Network & Information Security Directive proposals recently approved by the European Parliament (reviewing potential overlap with related data protection proposals, and the potential for duplicated reporting requirements in relation to security incidents and data breaches).

For more information on our policy briefings please contact